Soon to be the premier voice of Australian soul-pop, AKOSIA returns with her best work to date. An anthemic masterpiece, ‘Better’.


Inspired by moments of frustration that lead to unknown questions, Akosia had found herself
in a situation of wanting to explore within herself, while standing at a crossroads. The former
Electrical engineer with proud Ghanian heritage has always had a flair for the arts. With
experience in modelling and acting her true passion lied within music, and the ability to
transform her experiences into something real, something with life.

Now into Akosia’s 4th single, ‘Better’ explores taking that scary first step into a new world,
and not just tiptoeing, but strutting through with an enormity of attitude announcing you are
there to stay. From the very first second, you are taken on a ferocious journey where Akosia
delivers a powerful vocal entwined with the exceptional production of Rob Amoruso capturing every complex emotion along with Jacob Farrah's intoxicating bass line. 

Speaking on what the song reflects, Akosia tells us:

“Better has a bit of a mean streak to it which I love and personally she feels like a doorway
that I've stepped through. Music is the love of my life, I don't wish to be boxed into a musical genre that I didn't create, I'm here to explore sounds, textures and honesty. Yeah, I am
changing, I am bolder and I'm speaking my mind through my music with more clarity.”


With tastemakers such as Triple J Unearthed, FBI radio, Life Without Andy and NME
jumping on board in the early stages of her career, Akosia now delivers her best work to
date. The momentum doesn’t stop there with bookings for big shows at NGV, Vivid, Antenna
Awards Chanel and confidentially one of the best festivals in Australia which will be
announced soon. Combining her energetic and blissfully strong live performances with bold
and truly powerful music, Akosia has a combination that has absolutely no ceiling. 

Speaking on her writing process with ‘Better’, Akosia shares:

“I was dealing with a challenging relationship. Everything just felt like it was 100 all the time,
passionate highs, devastating lows and a lot of unnecessary confrontations. Internally I was
like seriously just chill, take it down a notch for me and slow the f*ck down. I was into it and
wanted to please them, figure them out but I was also so close to walking away to soothe
myself. Music is how I process my big emotions and shambled thoughts, and writing Better
was the cure.”

AKOSIA is one of those very rare artists that share every single emotion with their music and
welcome you to be a part of their story. Feel bold, as you journey into her world and are
welcomed with ferocity and a shared sense of strength.

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