Soul-pop songstress AKOSIA has spent the last year, in lockdown, pouring her heart into new music and we are about to experience the fruits of her passion. Working with Grammy-nominated producer Willie Tafa, Akosia has created the intoxicatingly sensual new single: ISO.


Although newly emerging as a solo artist, Akosia has been writing and performing for as long as she can remember. Raised steeped in a culture of art, academia, literature and music, her unique experiences as a Ghanian-Australian artist have shaped her voice and vision.


“I grew up in a closely-knit Christian community, every week I would go to church at least 4 times and there I would be immersed in music and learn about musical arrangements, harmonies and chord progressions. At the age of 7, I was awarded a full scholarship to attend the National Children's Choir of Australia where my classical training began.”


Akosia draws inspiration from a palette of great breadth and depth. From her foundation in Gospel music to the writings of Maya Angelou and Chinua Achebe to the heartfelt sounds of Sade and Miles Davis. And while Akosia is passionate about art her real inspiration comes from life.


Akosia knows she has something special to share. As she says: “I am nursing a voice and a dream within me that I need to release.” Akosia’s eclectic and melodic harmonies are uniquely her own as she navigates pairing meaningful storytelling with soulful sensuality.


Through her debut single Don't Say, follow up Speechless and new single ISO, Akosia evokes swells of desire, longing and heartbreak as she works to create a new language of love.


Akosia managed to develop her passion in the most challenging of times. "I was living in a beautiful haze," she said of love in lockdown, "where I wasn’t always able to distinguish one day from the next and honestly, I didn’t care... I want to share that feeling of freedom with my fans."


ISO is about finding yourself by losing yourself in love - allowing the world to wash away as desire gives way to intimacy. The video for ISO, directed by Dale Crawford, conjures a sci-fi vision of a world in which Akosia's siren-song enchants her lover with super-natural allure.


The ISO music video also allowed Akosia to be costumed in the stunning couture of Jason Gretch and Simon Hartman London (who has worked with Beyonce on her project for Disney, Black is King) and jewellery from Parisian designer Philippe Ferrandis.


Alongside writing and recording her music, Akosia has a passion for live performance and is already turning the right heads. Last year Akosia was chosen to perform as part of Mushroom’s The State Of Music series, where she was introduced by Tones & I. This year Akosia shared the stage with Julia Stone at the Portsea Hotel and performed at the Forum in Melbourne. Akosia is headlining upcoming shows at Carriageworks for VIVID Sydney, Strawberry Fields and the National Gallery of Victoria.


Akosia has just begun to share her lush afrofuturist vision with the world and we are on the launchpad. Keep an eye on this one. Her next step will be a big one for us all.


The new single ISO, from the soul-pop enchantress, will be released July 2nd 2021

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